Suspected kitten-kidnappers arrested in NJ, but police unable to find all the missing animals

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SAYREVILLE, N.J. — Police have arrested a man and woman for allegedly stealing kittens, but not all of the missing animals have been found.

The Animal Rescue Force Shelter, on Main Street in Sayreville, reported two kittens missing on June 30. Eyewitnesses said they saw a couple leave with Berkley, an 11-week-old domestic short hair. Maggie, a 9-week-old domestic short hair, was also missing.

Police arrested Jarrod Welsh, 30, and Jingru Huang, 27, on Friday. But only one kitten was recovered from their apartment.

Even more troubling to shelter staff, records show the suspects had previously adopted four cats from the facility. The whereabouts of those animals are also unknown.

"We want to believe that they took them for the right reasons, as far as, they wanted them as pets," said Tamar Thier, a shelter volunteer. "We just don’t know what exactly happened to those cats after they adopted them."

Surveillance video shows one of the kitten-stealing suspects standing outside. Another clip shows the same man getting into a car and driving off.

The couple allegedly visited Animal Rescue Force twice in one weekend. On both days, cats disappeared from their cages.

The shelter is now offering a $1,000 reward​ for information that leads to Maggie. She's all black with amber eyes.

Animal Rescue is also planning to add more surveillance cameras and track adoptions using a database.