Could the remains of slaves be buried under an empty lot in Brooklyn?

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GOWANUS, Brooklyn — An empty lot in Brooklyn is already a site that's been under scrutiny because of the possibility that Revolutionary War soldiers were buried there.

Now, a historian is calling for more excavation to get to the bottom of the mystery.

According to Brooklyn historian Robert Furman, there was an excavation earlier this summer. But he doesn't know if any human remains were found.

"If you go down deep enough, will you find the natural soil? Will you find any remains of what happened?" Furman said.

Historical documents point toward both slaves and the remains of the Maryland 400 being near or at this site. The soldiers fought in the Battle of Brooklyn.

"I care about things that have not received due attention," Furman said.

The historian said he hopes the site will become a memorial to those who were buried there.

The lot is located on 9th Street near 3rd Avenue where Gowanus meets Park Slope.

The city has plans to build a pre-school on the lot.