Don’t let this casual Manhattan bar fool you — it’s a hidden gem in the city

Posted at 11:25 AM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 11:25:11-04

EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan — A simple door at 8 Stuyvesant Place in the East Village immediately take you up a flight of stairs and into one of the tastiest Japanese restaurants called Village Yokocho. It is described as one of the most relaxed and causal dining experiences.

"Tanks and tees for the most part," is how Ben Rojo describes the attire you can wear.

But, tucked in the corner of the restaurant is a simple door which so many have actually confused for the bathroom over the years.

"We've certainly had a few people look in and find themselves surprised that this was there," says Rojo.

Now, you may be asking, who is Ben Rojo and why do we keep mentioning him.

He is one of the head bartenders beyond that door, which transports you to a completely different space called Angels Share.

The bar is small, intimate and seats no more than fifty people at a time - reminiscent of the bars seen in Tokyo.

"There is a culture of bars that exist in Tokyo that are small, almost by design," says Rojo. "Really tiny, intimate places where you can sit thoughtfully."

They are so intimate, the rules actually state you cannot bring in parties bigger than four - so choose your friends wisely.
The main attraction of course are the perfectly crafted cocktails.

"There is an idea of presentation and a real focus on each individual drink," says Rojo. "I think it is something we pride ourselves on."

The drinks are work of art that begin with hand chipped ice and then are crafted meticulously by hand.
While they may take some time to whip up, trust me — it is worth it!