Queens marine says landlord is trying to force him out of his home

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QUEENS —Corporal Jorge Perez served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Now he's facing battles at home: he needs help staying in his rent-stabilized Queens home.

Perez says his landlord has refused to renew his family's lease. He lives in Queens with his wife and daughters.

"I'm not wanted in this apartment, said Perez. "The landlord has made that clear."

Perez now works for a shipping and packaging company and is afraid his family will become homeless.

PIX11 News reached out to Senator Tony Avellar's office to intervene.

"He can stay.  The landlord can not refuse to renew their lease," said Avella.

Sen. Avella immediately reached out to the Department of Homes and Community Renewal, a state agency that help cracks down on rent stabilized landlords who try and force out families so that they can raise rents.

"It's clearly harassment by the landlord - try to get them out so he can get another tenant in who will pay more money," Sen. Avella said.

The landlord says he plans to renew the family's lease, but they're still waiting for his signature.

DHCR is committed to protecting tenants and our affordable housing stock; that's the priority that drives our mission across this state. If a rent-regulated tenant believes they are being overcharged or harassed they should contact the Office of Rent Administration at 718-739-6400.

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