Man, 73, severely burned by exploding package in Queens has died

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BROOKEVILLE, Queens — A 73-year-old man has died days after he was severely burned by a package that exploded in his hands outside of a Queens residence last Friday.

It happened around 4:15 p.m. in front of a private home on 222nd Street in Brookeville.

George Wray, 73, of 229th Street, Queens, suffered burns over 80 percent of his body when he opened the canister package that police say had been on his porch for days.

Wray, who is the landlord of the residence, and does not live there, died Tuesday at the hospital.

Police say the name on the package — shaped like an oatmeal container — did not belong to anyone living there. The container was filled with black powder and exploded when Wray opened it.

A neighbor who lives down the block heard the explosion and ran over to see what happened.

"I saw the guy was on fire, his clothes were all burned up," said Audrey Campbell. "He was leaning down, just in shock."