Howard’s investigation into Lacka Safe is now a criminal case

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HACKENSACK, NJ — For months we’ve been telling you the saga of Lacka Safe.  They were based in Hackensack when New Jersey attorney Jef Henninger got a judgment against them on behalf of a California client.  It seems Lacka – a company with a reputation going back decades for selling safes – suddenly stopped delivering them to customers.  But that didn’t stop them from keeping customers’ money.

Henninger won a judgment but hasn’t been able to collect.  I’ve been trying to get some answers from Mak Lacka and his new business partner.  But all I’ve gotten out of Mak are promises to make amends and pay refunds.  Promises. No action.

Now there’s a new twist.  Hackensack police brought a criminal complaint against Mak Lacka.  He now faces four counts of theft by deception.  The total amount involved is $41,362. And, according to Jef Henninger, there are more victims out there.

We’re going to keep following this case and let you know what transpires.

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