Doctor delivers another woman’s baby while in labor

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KENTUCKY — A pregnant doctor delivered a baby just hours before she herself gave birth.

Doctor Amanda Hess was about to give birth to her own baby when she stopped to deliver another woman’s baby after learning it was in distress. (Dr. Hala Dabry/Facebook)

Dr. Amanda Hess was getting into her patient gown at the hospital when she heard another woman in active labor. The other woman’s baby was in distress, but the OBGYN on call wasn’t at the hospital yet. Hess knew that mom-to-be needed help, so she jumped into action.

“[I] put another gown on to cover my backside, put some splash boots on over my flip flops,” and got to work, Hess said, according to a Facebook post from another doctor.

Hess had her own baby – Ellen Joyce – once she had finished helping out.

“You know I love doing what I do,” Hess told WKYT. “I love taking care of mothers and babies and you really a lot of doctors are always thinking of their patients even when they’re a patient themselves.”

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