Man, 25, fatally stabbed after flashing middle finger at driver in the Bronx

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EASTCHESTER, the Bronx — A young man was stabbed to death overnight after flashing the middle finger at a driver involved in a car crash, police said Wednesday.

A group of men were off to the side of the road after getting into an unrelated fender bender near Hollers and Huguenot avenues around 7 p.m. Tuesday. The victim and his friends drove past the crashed Camry, taunting the driver and flipping him off, police said.

Police say the victim was stabbed inside this car on July 26, 2017.

Tempers flared and the enraged driver chased after them. Ultimately, the driver of the Camry caught up with the victim on Hollers Avenue, stabbing him in the chest with a knife and sped off.

The victim, identified by police as Billy Sierra, and his friends tried driving to the hospital but only got a mile away in Pelham Manor before they had to pull over and call 911. Finally, the 25-year-old died after a chance encounter and rage-filled confrontation.

Art Mendola lives next to the murder scene, but happened to be in Pelham getting dinner when the victim drove up to Lenny's Bagels parking lot and collapsed.

"I went to get my son a slice of pizza and I saw the guy die on the floor," Mendola said. "As soon as they got in the parking lot he rolled out of the car onto the ground. It's the world we live in today, it's just crazy. ​"

Police say the assailant and the victim did not know each other before the stabbing. And they're still searching for the driver of the Toyota Camry.