‘Indecent’ stars Adina Verson and Katrina Lenk bring the scandal to the Broadway stage

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MIDTOWN, Manhattam- "I know there Is like indecent exposure it’s the only thing I can think of that has an actual definition," Adina Verson said.  Adina Verson and Katrina Lenk bring the scandal on stage in the Tony Award-winning play Indecent. "It's about immigration policies, love, censorship and religious hypocrisy," Verson explained.

It’s a play about a play that was banned from Broadway in the 1920s for being obscene. It’s about a jewish brothel owner whose daughter falls in love with one of the prostitutes. The themes are still relevant today. There is definitely a connection, you can hear a penny drop during the show or gasps like we are not much better now then we were then," Lenk said. "To do a show like this that has a purpose and a message I feel like it's politically relevant and I feel like I can be of service to my community and my world, that’s the best," Verson added.

And, a lot of celebs agree. "It was pretty cool when Oprah Winfrey came," Lenk smiled. "Whoopi Goldberg send us like a dozen pies, and these are like whoopie pies," Verson laughed. Memorable moments both actresses always dreamed of since they were kids. "For me, as a kid just loved being able to play games and dance and sing and as I get older it is a way to express myself that I don’t get to do in everyday life," Verson said. "I think I really like listening to stories and being told stories and then to be able to be in a story is really exciting to me and that’s always appealing to me even when I was a kid," Lenk added.

Now, to be doing this show at this time,  feels right. "It's sort of redemption in a way because when it was brought to Broadway in the 20s it was basically kicked off," Lenk said.

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