Pregnant woman kicked off NJ Transit bus to New York while ticket app was down

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PALISADES PARK, NJ — A New Jersey transit driver refused to let a 7-month pregnant woman board her bus Thursday morning because the ticket app was down and the woman didn’t have enough cash to pay for a ride into Manhattan.

The MyTix mobile app failed twice Wednesday morning, each time for about two hours, spokesperson Nancy Snyder said. NJ Transit told drivers the app was down, but in some instances, drivers seem not to have gotten the message.

A 7-month pregnant woman attempted to board a bus in Palisades Park, NJ around 8:40 a.m. using the MyTix app, she said in a tweet. The driver would not let her on board without paying for a ticket, but the woman only had $3 on her – not not enough to pay the $4.50 fare for a trip to New York.

“It was totally unacceptable that the bus driver did not let this customer on,” Snyder said.

The driver is being re-instructed on the correct way to handle app outages, Snyder said. Problems with the app are rare, but the policy is to allow customers on if the service is down.

Some other customers also tweeted NJ Transit saying they were wrongly forced to pay for tickets this morning, even though they already had tickets through the app. Those riders are eligible for refunds and can call 973-491-8810 to receive one.

NJ Transit hasn’t yet determined why the app went down.