Police search for NJ movie theater vandals who jumped on, damaged cars

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LINDEN, N.J. — Police are looking for several men who skipped, somersaulted and jumped up-and-down on cars outside of an AMC movie theater on South Stiles Street.

The movie theater is in a busy shopping center. One of the men, with the username 'slim_libra', posted the video, which has since been removed, to his Instagram page.

"You wanted our attention, you got it," Lt. Christopher Guenther said outside Linden Police headquarters today. "We encourage anybody whose vehicle can be seen as damaged in that video to come forward and report that to police."

The men can be heard laughing and yelling as they audibly dent the hoods of cars. The damage stops when one of them rolls through a windshield, shattering it. After that, they took off running.

"We will not tolerate this type of behavior in our town," said Linden's Mayor Derek Armstead. "They are not the brightest individuals or the brightest criminals."

In addition to the social media video, police are also reviewing surveillance footage from the parking lot where this occurred. The alleged vandalism happened at around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. People who were inside watching a movie came out to find their cars damaged and called police.

"I would be really upset to see my car dented up like that," Rashawn Faniel said, after getting out of a car in the same parking lot today. "I think the police should get down the bottom of it and hopefully they can find them and catch them because people like that shouldn’t be walking around doing this to peoples' cars."

Police are asking anyone whose car got damaged in the video to come forward and report it. Anyone with information is also urged to call Linden Police.