Howard looks at cars that shouldn’t be on the street

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In New York you generally can’t sell more than five cars a year without a dealer’s license.  And to park cars on the street you need to have plates and registration.  But that’s a big problem in one area of East Flatbush along Utica Avenue.  I found that out first hand.

Jay Enjelsberg is the manager of an auto parts store.  He contacted us because there’s nowhere to park.

“We park ten blocks away and walk back," Jay told me. “Some people. it makes no sense even coming in. It’s a problem they come in late, because they ride around a half hour, 40 minutes. That’s a problem we have internally because of this. There’s no shot for a customer to have a parking spot.”

Enjelsberg said the place next door has cars on the sidewalk and street.  I tried to broker a little neighborly peace.  But the owner wasn’t interested and some of the other guys got a little upset and unleashed a few words we can’t say on TV.

But I did happen to talk to a couple of NYPD officers passing by.  They said they’d report the problem to their precinct commanders.  We’ll see if there’s any action.  But at least the issue is out publicly now.