Meet Kuri, the first affordable robot designed for the home

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NEW YORK — For decades, TV and film have laid out the possibilities of a world with robots.

R2-D2, Wall-E and Rosie from the Jetsons are just a few prominent robotic fictional buddies that have kept our imaginations flowing.

Now, thanks to the folks at Mayfield Robotics, having a domesticated robot who could become a part of the family is a reality.

Kuri is billed as the adorable home robot with a personality and, depending on who you are, the ability to steal your heart.

After years of development and nearly 50 prototypes, the pint-sized robot will be rolling into homes as early as this holiday season.

"Robots with personality and their own take of the world were sort of the robots we got excited about and with Kuri it was more like, 'What were the pillars of her personality? What’s she all about?'" Mike Beebe, CEO of Mayfield Robotics, told PIX11 News.

She turned out to be lovable and helpful, just as developers intended, playing the role of an assistant, companion and your eyes and ears when you’re not home.

Equipped with a visual intelligence system that identifies humans and pets, a voice command system, a 1080p HD camera that takes video and photos, she keeps tabs on everything inside your home.

Her bowling pin shape in something straight out of a Pixar movie.

"One of the things about her is that she’s really smart so when you introduce her to the house, you show her all around," Beebe said.

"You also introduce her to all the members of the family. She knows who the different are but she also knows who the pets are."

And with two built in speaks, the girl knows how to party. Outside of playing music upon request and taking photos and video, Kuri’s standout feature is being able to show emotion.

Telling the 2-foot-tall robot that you love her prompts a giddy robotic expression.

While she doesn’t talk, Kuri has a big personality, which is something that shines through and it will hopefully be a unique selling point.

With a price tag of $799, it’s the first time a fully functioning robot that’s designed for the home is affordable.

To pre-order KURI ROBOT ahead of the holiday season, click here.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the price of the robot.