Manhattan superintendent shares video of hoarder’s cockroach-filled apartment

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LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — A Manhattan superintendent was so disgusted by the condition of a Lower East Side apartment that he shared pictures and video of the deplorable conditions.

Martin Fernandez says he's never seen anything this bad before.

"Whatever you've seen, you've never seen nothing like this," he said in a video he took during the cleanup process.

The images show the life of a hoarder – and his skin-crawling apartment filled with thousands of roaches.

They were taken during a massive cleanup after the tenant moved out after a year of conviction proceedings and endless complaints from neighbors.

The clean-up crew had to wear protective suits, masks and gloves before going into the apartment. It was filled with roaches, rotting garbage, junk and even a dead cat.

"Oh my god, that's where his cat went. That's nasty," said Fernandez after finding the cat among decayed debris.

Now people who live in the apartment building are concerned for their health and apartments.

"I'm concerned because it come to our apartment, in our kitchen, we clean all the time," said Claudio, a tenant who lives in the building. "Nobody wants any of that in their apartment."