Police officers help deliver baby on side of Sunrise Highway on Long Island

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WEST ISILIP, N.Y. –– Meet Channing Sparks. He's 6 pounds 3 ounces, and  18-and-a-half inches long.

Less than 24 hours old and he already knows how to flash a movie star smile for the cameras. Perhaps because the way he came into this world is fitting of a scene out of a movie.

"That's the only way to describe it very painful," Chelsea Breedy said. "I remember asking him can't you do the epidural right here and he told me no!"

Little Channing - whose name was inspired by actor Channing Tatum- made his grand entrance into the world on the side of Sunrise Highway in West Islip.

Chelsea says her water broke around 12:15 a.m. Friday. The couple considered going to the hospital by car. Thought better of it and called an ambulance good thing they did because she gave birth here at 12:32 with the right team by her side.

"I don't like to deliver babies in the field we train quite extensively in this but the training doesn't always prepare you," said Ryan Makovy, a paramedic. "Mom did all the work."

Paramedic Ryan Makovy was in the back of the ambulance with Chelsea. Officer David Pyes was driving the ambulance.

His partner Officer Michael Passarelli was following the ambulance in his cruiser. They took Sunrise Highway to the hospital. But as they neared Robert Moses Causeway, Channing could wait no more.

"He looked once... can't make it to the hospital," new father Ronald Sparks said. "She screamed he looked again he was like gotta pull over right now!"

This may not have been the medic's first delivery but it was for the officers.

"Everything came out nice and smooth and we were good I got to say it's a boy over the radio for the first happy about that!" Sparks said.

Chelsea and Ronald have four daughters between them. Channing is their first son.

At Good Samaritan hospital the men had a gift for the little boy they helped bring into this world.

"It was a blessing they all help me, [they] did a great job," Breedy said.

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