Vigil held for slain NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia in the Bronx

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FORDHAM HEIGHTS, The Bronx — Officer Miosotis Familia grew up in the Bronx and on Saturday night it seemed as if the entire borough came out to honor the memory of the 48-year-old mother of three who died serving her community.

"Her life resonated with so many single, working mothers," Inspector Phil Rivera, commanding officer of the 46th precinct, said at an evening vigil. "She worked so hard for her three children and she was also taking care of her mother."

The vigil was hosted by the 46th precinct where officer Familia had returned to work just last month, but she was clearly loved by so many.

"When she went to Italy, she brought me back this rosary," Officer Eileen Fuseyamore, from the 46th precinct, said through her tears. "Now I will pray and now I know she is watching us."

Officer Familia was executed as she sat in her mobile command unit and tonight her sister, one of her nine siblings, spoke through her tears about the need to make officers safer on the streets they patrol.

"They need to put those bulletproof glass in the police cars," Adriana Sanchez, slain officer's sister, said through her tears.

In the crowd were people who knew officer Familia well and those who just wanted to pay their respects.

"Not only as a police officer am I here but also to show our children someone who made the ultimate sacrifice," said J. W. Cortes, an actor who is also an MTA police officer.