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Howard hits the water in search of nautical justice

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JERSEY CITY, NJ — Nitzan Levy and her husband run a sailing school and charter service called Sailors NYC.  They have two boats docked at Liberty Harbor in Jersey City.

A few days ago, a NY Waterways commuter ferry docked next to one of their boats revved up and seemed to make a speedy departure.  The wake it caused damaged Nitzan’s boat’s motor to the tune of about $2,000.

“That guy made that decision to do that terrible wake that blew my boat away,” she told me. “Blew away the fenders and also puts my other engine deep in the water so the whole engine got corroded.”

Fortunately, another boat owner caught the incident on his cellphone camera.

Nitzan tried calling NY Waterways. She tried emailing. But she never heard back.  So she tried me.

I went out on the water with her. And after my unfortunate nautical performance we went over to NY Waterways headquarters in Weehawken.

After being greeted by a desk security guard who was remarkably unwilling to help, I spoke with his supervisor. He put me in touch with the company’s outside PR guy.

The very next day, Nitzan says she got a call from NY Waterways’ insurer. She says they took the information to process her claim. Presumably, this is taken care of.

The only thing remaining is for me to get a pair of better sea legs.

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