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Janeane Garofalo makes Broadway debut alongside Lili Taylor in ‘Marvin’s Room’

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MIDTOWN, Manhattan- It was made into a hit movie with some  big names,  like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, Marvin's Room returns to its roots on stage, with two familiar faces playing estranged sisters dealing with their dysfunctional family dynamic.  "I can’t sing for bleep, I can't sing for sugar," Janeane Garofalo joked.

Well, luckily, Janeane Garofalo doesn’t have to sing, but it is the standup comedienne’s Broadway debut. "It never seemed to be in my grasp and it always seemed like broadway or any theater, [was] what real actors do," she explained. "I guess the biggest challenge for me as a standup, I write it, I could say what I want , and dress how I want , it's very contained. [Here] there are consequences if I don’t remember my lines correctly ."

Known for portraying off-beat characters, Garofalo plays Lee, who returns home to with her two sons in tow to help care for her sick father. "The thing I can identify with Lee [is] I can say is [I'm] not sentimental about family ties per se," she said. 'So, in the play I see why Lee is less connected." Lili Taylor, who wowed us from Mystic Pizza to American Crime plays Bessie, the sister who stayed behind and who also faces her own health challenges.   

"It's such a human story; we all live, we all die, we all have a family and our families get sick ," she described. "Yet we still laugh, we still find joy and it's universal." She also says the play is very relevant with what’s happening in our country. "I do think it’s interesting for the time about people who are sick and what’s happening now," Taylor added. "It's [what] we are thinking about and these characters are thinking about healthcare."

But, even through all the illness,  expect a lot of laughter.  "We’re all playing it really honestly and that’s where it’s going to work because you have the joy that comes from the sincere," Taylor said.

Marvin's Room is currently playing at the American Airlines Theater through August 27, 2017.

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