Witness to deadly Bronx hospital shooting describes terrifying moments inside

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THE BRONX –– A woman was scared for her life during a visit at the Bronx hospital where a disgruntled hospital worker unleashed a murderous rampage Friday.

Shirldean Brown paraphrased the text she sent to her daughter.

"I don't know if i'm going to make it out of here, but I want you to know I love you," she told PIX11.

Brown huddled behind a barricaded room at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. At the same time a disgruntled former employee had unleashed a hail of gunfire.

"He shot like 5 times on our floor," Brown said.

She saw the AR-15 assault rifle Henry Bello was carrying as he walked through the halls.

"After I'd seen the gun and realized it was a real gun and heard the pops, my only thought was god I really don't want to go right now," Brown said.

They hid in a room with a nurse. After the door was barricaded, everyone felt a whole lot better.

"We stayed away from being directly in front of the door," she said.

For Brown, time seemed to move like molasses.

"I couldn't tell you a time frame because everything was surreal, it's the movies," Brown said. "This is not real."

She made it out safe, when help arrived.

"All I know is that my god was with us in that room," she said.

She finally did get in contact with her daughter.

"I have over 100 texts back and forth," she said.

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