‘Reckless adorability’ charge for driver in Colorado

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Police across the country are keeping their eye on a short list of drivers. They’re young, on the go and so cute it should be illegal.

Last month we introduced you to these toddler twins. The NYPD pulled them over in Washington Heights.

Now check out this boy behind the wheel. Turning back, he knows the law is coming for him. Police in Colorado stopped the tyke in the Ford F-150 Power Wheels truck.

Fort Collins Police said they had “recently received a report of reckless adorability.”

Officer Ryan found his little man. And when he did, he gave him a high five! Then the two checked out each other’s “sweet trucks.” One person commented on Facebook, "the kid wins the sweet truck award."

Officer Ryan then wished him a good evening. Both made the mean streets a little sweeter.