Nuclear power plant has bikini contest for intern applicants

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CZECH REPUBLIC — Getting a summer internship can be very competitive. So CEZ, a nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic, came up with a surprising way to make a selection.

The company had a swimsuit contest for applicants. They said it was to promote "technical education." Ten graduates posed in bikinis, and of course hard hats, inside of a cooling tower. And then people on Facebook voted for their favorite candidate. The winner would get a two week internship at the plant and the title of “Miss Energy 2017."

No shocker here, people went nuclear over the contest, calling it “degrading, disgusting and primitive.” In an interview, a human rights lawyer said it was completely unethical.

CEZ ended up offering all the finalists an internship and taking down the post. The company apologized for the application ploy, which really blew up in their face.