Officers surprise injured 90-year-old Bronx man who was beaten with a cane, bring him get well gifts

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INWOOD, Manhattan — Police officers made a surprise visit, get well soon gifts in hand, to the 91-year-old victim of an assault this week.

They wanted to cheer up Juan Llorens, 90. He was pushing his cart down Broadway in early June when a young man suddenly began to kick it, police said. Surveillance video then shows the culprit taking his cane and hitting the helpless man in the head.

Llorens received 20 stitches on his ear as a result of the assault.

Detective Haydee Pabey, horrified when she heard what had happened, gathered up some officers to visit Llorens.

“Meeting with him was a heartwarming experience,” said Detective Pabey. “Not once did he speak ill of his attacker but spoke of hope, the goodness in people and his many blessings.”

He also mentioned his cart was damaged in the assault.

Pabey jumped into action and bought him a new cart, filled to the brim with items he could use and some NYPD gear.

Llorens quickly pulled on an NYPD hat after receiving the present.

“After all is said and done, meeting him was a gift for us,” said Detective Pabey.