Meet Emilio, the new Humboldt penguin at Syracuse zoo

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse’s Rosamond Gifford Zoo has a name for its 6-week-old Humboldt penguin chick. Online voters chose the name Emilio.

Emilio captured 538 votes, or 31 percent of the 1,737 votes cast online earlier this month. Emilio means “friendly” in Spanish. Gustavo, or “leader,” came in second with 363 votes, or 21 percent of the tally.

Emilio now weighs 5 pounds and still spends most of his time in the nest with at least one of his parents. He will be gradually weaned from them over the next couple of months before becoming part of the zoo’s Penguin Coast exhibit.

The Syracuse zoo currently has a colony of 39 Humboldt penguins and has hatched 54 chicks since 2006 under the Species Survival Plan.

Emilio, the new Humboldt penguin at Syracuse Zoo. (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)