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New Jersey school nurses, P.E. teacher shock student back to life

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OAKLAND, N.J. — Two school nurses and a physical education teacher from Indian Hills High School are being credited with saving a teenager's life.

The student was in gym class playing a game at around 2:30 p.m. Thursday when he began seizing. A group of students ran to the nurses office.

"When we got there, the student was down on the ground. He was pulseless. He was blue," said school nurse, Lisa Wasserman. "We started CPR and called for help."

But had they waited for help to arrive, this unnamed student may not be alive today. Physical education and health teacher Rich Ohren raced to the gym door to retrieve a defibrillator.

"We knew he needed a shock right away and that shock was administered and it did the trick," he said.

The student was revived after laying pulseless on the floor of the gym for an estimated two minutes.

"This is what actually saved his life," stated school nurse Donna Garbaccio, as she held the automatic electronic defibrillator.

Indian Hills High School trains most it's teachers and all graduating seniors how to use an AED. Thanks to Janet's Law, which took effect in September of 2014, all New Jersey schools are required to have an AED on site. At least five school employees must be certified to use it and administer CPR.

Beginning in 2019, all public school students in the State of New Jersey will be required to learn CPR and how to use a defibrillator as a graduation requirement.

Indian Hills did not release the name of the student who collapsed in the gym on Thursday, but the superintendent stated that the family did call the school to express their infinite gratitude.

"We’re just so happy he’s okay," stated Wasserman.

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