Iconic New York treat ‘Fudgie the Whale’ turns 40

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Fudgie the Whale turns 40!

The iconic New York treat celebrates its birthday June 1st.

"He is a big part of our history," Carvel's Anthony Simeone said. "The cake was actually designed for Father's Day back in 1977. Tom Carvel wanted to have a cake that he could use to help celebrate Father's Day."

And that's when the the slogan, "For a Whale of Dad" was born. The ice cream cake was first developed in Yonkers.

"We sell about 50,000 Fudgie the Whale cakes each year," Simeone said.

The cake itself is very simple. You start with a cold mold, add soft serve vanilla ice cream, Carvel crunchies and then chocolate ice cream. It's frozen for about six hours and fudge and decoration is added to the top.

As part of this birthday celebration, Carvel is asking its customers to donate to Save the Whales.

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