City center aims to help new mothers with postpartum depression

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The Motherhood Center, a first-of-its-kind facility treating new and expectant moms with postpartum depression, is now open in New York.

The Motherhood Center
P (212) 335-0034
F (212) 202-4369


About The Motherhood Center
The Motherhood Center is a first-of-its-kind facility dedicated to holistically treating postpartum depression and breaking down stigmas around “normal” motherhood. Based on a Partial Hospitalization Program model, the Center is aimed at treating new and expecting mothers suffering from severe mood and anxiety disorders. Running five days a week, the day program treats mothers in-house for a two to three week stay, where they receive group and individual therapy, psychoeducation, bonding therapy with their infant, and medication management. In addition, the Center provides consults and outpatient therapy, and educational classes for mothers who are struggling with their transition to motherhood. The Center also provides teaching and training for clinicians and has partnered with Johns Hopkins University to undertake research on treatment outcomes.

Postpartum Depression Facts

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