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Federal budget includes millions for NYPD to protect Trump, his family

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NEW YORK— A more than $1 trillion budget deal reached by Congress Sunday night includes $68 million for local law enforcement agencies that have shelled out to protect President Donald Trump and his family.

The agreement, which has not yet been voted on, would direct money to the NYPD for the cost incurred securing Trump Tower. New York City spends about $127,000 daily to protect Trump Tower, where Melania and Barron Trump, 11, spend most of their time.

“We are getting what we are owed,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “That’s good news for our city and the hardworking police officers faced with this unprecedented security challenge.”

Thousands have called on the First Lady and her son to relocate to Washington D.C. or foot the entirety of the Trump Tower security bill.

The cost of protecting the President when he is in New York will be significantly higher: about $308,000 a day. He plans to visit New York for the first time since his election this week on Thursday.

He says he hasn’t returned to his New York City home because “going back is very expensive for the country.”

Businesses near Trump Tower are paying the price for tight security. The Secret Service and NYPD have blocked off sidewalks in front of the tower and set up barricades on surrounding blocks.

It was not immediately clear how much of the $68 million budgeted would go toward New York City. House Republicans offered the city $7 million in December to cover security costs, falling significantly shortly of the $35 million requested.

Police in Florida have also spent a lot protecting the President during his frequent visits to Mar-A-Lago.

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