April the giraffe’s calf has his 1st visit with the vet

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April the giraffe’s baby boy had his first visit with the veterinarian after his highly anticipated birth.

“Baby checks out just perfect,” Animal Adventure Park shared on Facebook. “Nursing strongly this morning without any concerns.”

He’s 5 feet 9 inches tall and he weighs 129 pounds. Newborn giraffes usually stand about 6 feet tall. Once he grows up he’ll be about three times as tall and weigh thousands of pounds.

April and Oliver’s calf has not yet been named. The not-so-little bundle of joy was welcomed at Animal Adventure Park Saturday morning after months of watching April’s stomach grow. Park officials said April has “recovered perfectly and is eating everything in sight.”

About 1.25 million people watched April, 15, give birth to the calf. She’ll raise the calf, with weaning expected to take between six to 10 months.

The park will hold a contest to name the baby giraffe.

The live camera at the zoo is still running, so devoted fans of April and Oliver can tune in to watch as their baby grows.

Their baby won’t be at Animal Adventure Park long term; he’ll be sent to another zoo to prevent “incestuous mating.”


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