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Little girl loves Costco so much, she made it the theme for her 5th birthday party

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – A little girl in Lexington loves Costco so much, she made it the theme for her fifth birthday party.

Niki Walker recently celebrated her daughter’s fifth birthday. She said her daughter, Kimber, had asked for a Costco-themed birthday party, FOX8 reported.

Walker said she goes to Costco with Kimber regularly and Kimber loves the pizza and free samples.

“Everyone is always so friendly and she loves that they draw a smiley face on the receipt,” Niki Walker told FOX8.

The party was held at their home in Lexington. There was pizza and hot dogs from Costco and also ice cream and a Costco cake.

Kimber was even declared “employee of the month” and had her own Costco employee badge.

There was also a shop set up with bulk items to buy with money that had Kimber’s face on the bills.

“She had a fantastic time,” Niki Walker said. “One of the attendees said it was the best party she had been to, including all of her own.”