Street artists from around the world make 4 World Trade Center their canvas

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT, Manhattan- The newest NYC sight to see is inside this building in 4 World Trade Center. Street art has taken over the 69th floor. "I didn't hesitate for a moment, I couldn't think of a place to paint," Zimer, street artist, said. "It's really something to be on top of New York."

"The Statue of Liberty is right there, 1 World Trade Center is right there, millions came right through this area," Muriel Stockdale described. "The idea was to do an installation of a door as a tribute to 9/11," Savior Elmundo said. "I actually found this door by my house."

"My response was I'll fill the whole place, this is truly once in a lifetime," Doug Smith, head curator, smiled. Doug Smith is the head curator. The artists are doing more and more decorating, the walls really speak. "I thought it was a metaphor for the space, humans are rebuilding themselves at the present moment," Dru Blumenshield, a young female street artist, described of her installation.

Businesses are already on board to make this place their home. The artists are from all over the world, making their mark on our special place in the sky.

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