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It’s a G Thing: Skateboarding and yoga come together at Brooklyn’s ‘Skateyogi’

Posted at 12:56 AM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 16:20:44-04

BROOKLYN – A school is bringing skateboarding and yoga together.

“With skateboarding, our main goal is to have fun,” Kevin Banahan, founder of Skateyogi, said. “I started teaching classes at a yoga studio in Crown Heights for adult beginners, and it grew pretty soon after that people started asking about kids classes." 

Skateyogi stays true to its "namaskate" roots, starting each lesson with some self reflection and motivation. 

"I find that skateboarding and yoga have a lot in common, both are activities where you find yourself in the moment and you’re focused,” Banahan said.

Both also take a lot of patience and perseverance. 

“Falling for them is a motivator, they’re challenging themselves and what you learn is it’s okay to fail, to get back up and try again," he said. 

Every child begins at a different level. The instructors help all of them grind away at their goals. “[I come here] because I like to skate!” Colton, one of the students said. Colton is only 5 years old and shows us you can shred at any size! “I heard you’re really good at this," I said to him. "Yes, I am!” he replied.

Skateyogi hopes to expand to more locations, including schools. Adults, like me, can also take classes here.

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