SI chiropractor threatens child of school crossing guard in racist letter

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Update: In November 2017, an investigation concluded NYPD crossing guard Jennifer Becker allegedly framed Danielle Serini. Click here to read an updated story.

CASTLETON CORNERS, Staten Island — A Staten Island chiropractor was charged with stalking during her Wednesday arraignment following charges she harassed a police officer, a crossing guard and the crossing guard’s son.

Danielle Serini, who has been arrested multiple times in the past, allegedly sent a threatening, racist letter to Ebony Glover, a police officer at the 120th Precinct, threatening Glover and the child of a crossing guard.

“My next opportunity will be getting rid of you and that ugly a– n—-r child of the crossing guard,” she wrote to Glover, according to court documents. “Keep thinking he’s safe in school, but when the opportunity hits, it will with a bang. N—–s don’t belong in my neighborhood.”

The letter was addressed to “Dearest Glover.”

The crossing guard referenced in the letter, Jennifer Becker, does have a restraining order against Serini, court documents show.

Serini works near the intersection where Becker works as a crossing guard. In the past, she’s allegedly spat on Becker, followed her and cursed at her. She’s also accused of throwing a lollipop at Becker on one occasion.

She’s next scheduled to appear in court on March 31.