Will Smith looks just like Uncle Phil in this skydiving selfie

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VICTORIA FALLS, Zambia — A skydiving selfie taken by Will Smith has the internet buzzing because of just how similar he looks to Uncle Phil, the patriarch on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

The video was posted Saturday by Tony Barnett with Shearwater Bungee, which lets daredevils plunge off the historic Victoria Falls Road Bridge 365 feet toward the Zambezi River below.

“Watch ‘A’ list Action Hero -Will Smith bungee jump off the historic Victoria Falls road bridge. Will’s has been wanting to do our bungee for 20 years. Becareful what you wish for…” the company said in its video caption.

The magic moment comes 1 minute 32 seconds into the video. Smith is falling head first but still manages to smile for the camera. With that smile and a salt-and-pepper beard, for a split second, he looks exactly like his TV uncle played by James Avery.

“Fresh Prince” fans jumped on the photo and wished out loud for a reboot of the ’90s sitcom, perhaps with Smith taking on the role of Uncle Phil.

Avery died in 2013 from complications from open heart surgery. He was 65.

Seeing a flash of the beloved TV dad was a welcome surprise for many:

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