Subway fare increases Sunday

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NEW YORK — A subway ride is about to get more expensive with a fare hike looming.

New MetroCard math will apply on March 19.

The MTA's fare hike is scheduled to take effect on Sunday, March 19.

The price of a single swipe will remain the same, but commuters will be treated to a smaller pay-per-ride bonus and monthly unlimited passes will increase. The MTA has release a new fare calculator to help commuters figure out the bonus on purchases.

There have been five MetroCard fare increases since 2009. The last one passed in March 2015.

Unlimited 30-day MetroCards will cost $121 under the new plan: an increase of $4.50. Seven-day cards will increase in price from $31 to $32. Monthly and seven-day passes will still be available at the lower rate on Saturday, so commuters who want to save a few dollars should refill their cards before the hike goes into effect.

The MTA has an estimated annual $13 billion budget. Reports show the MTA pays for about a third of that from fares and tolls.

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