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NYC police: 14 arrested in gang drug bust in Queens

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QUEENS — Authorities in New York City have arrested 14 gang members who they say assaulted community residents.

Police announced Thursday that a drug bust led to the arrests of the Queens gang members. Officials say the stabbing of a teenage boy in May sparked a surveillance operation on the gang. Authorities say police then conducted several raids throughout the neighborhood after a wiretap.

“A long-term investigation, which included court-authorized wiretaps, is alleged to have thwarted the death of two individuals in Queens three months ago when an investigator allegedly overheard the defendants planning to kill rival gang members,” District Attorney Richard Brown said. Fortunately for the victims, the defendants were arrested as they are alleged to have been laying in wait for their targets to exit a bar.”

Police say they seized guns, three cars, 30 pounds of marijuana, cocaine and $55,000 in cash. Officials say the gang received marijuana from a grow operation in California.

Investigators say the gang is linked to at least four stabbings and other random acts of violence.

The suspects face charges that include attempted murder and drug offenses.

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