People are selling branded MetroCards loaded with two fares for $100 on eBay

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The MetroCard is now vending in some stations.

The MetroCard is now vending in some stations.

NEW YORK — Streetwear company Supreme just launched a branded MetroCard, which comes loaded with two fares, and the card is already retailing on eBay for $30-$1,000.

The $1,000 card is an outlier; most of the branded MetroCards available on eBay are in the $70-$100 range just days after Supreme made the card available for purchase as part of its spring ’17 collection.

Brands have partnered with the MTA in the past. Gap, the Mets, J.C. Penny and Super Bowl XLVIII have all graced MetroCards with ads. The Transit Authority launched advertising on the cards back in 2012. It costs advertisers just 18-51 cents per card.

“Millions of New Yorkers carry MetroCards with them everywhere they go, and use them multiple times a day,” said then MTA Chairman Joe Lhota. “For those with a message and a desire to reach millions of people in a novel, attention-getting way, there is no better way to advertise.”

Supreme tweeted out a promotional video for the new card on Feb. 12. It’s available for purchase at select subway stations.

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