5 ways to make more money in 2017

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Here are 5 ways to make more money in 2017:

1. Make Money from a hobby or skill on Fivrr- get creative by offering a simple service online. Astrology readings, translation, proofreading, advice and online lessons as examples.

2. Start a side gig from home. Think of a product you can’t live without. Direct Selling companies are great ways to start a home business quickly and without the risk. There are thousands of companies and you get to pick the industry. You can start making money almost instantly.

3. Acorns App- when you make a payment to your credit card, the app rounds up and puts the extra $$ in an investment account. You can choose your ‘round-up’ account from a list of the most popular banks.

4. Etsy- Sell homemade or vintage items online. Use your creative + crafting skills to make money on this fabulous site. I use it to buy many of my promotional and gift items.

5. Automate Savings today. Open an online no fee account and start automating savings into the account weekly.

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