Woman’s iPhone 6 Plus explodes next to bed, setting off fire

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PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida woman was fast asleep in the middle of the night when she woke up to a fire — sparked by the explosion of her iPhone 6 Plus, according to WFTS.

Amanda Bentz told the Tampa Bay television station her phone was plugged into an Apple charger when it caught fire next to her bed. Her curtains, a pillow, and some jewelry were all damaged in the small fire.

“I was probably about a foot and a half away from my phone, my phone was charging. There was no warning signs. No spark. There was no smoke,” she said.

In the past, Apple has blamed similar incidents on “external factors” like non-Apple chargers.

Bentz said Apple wants to inspect her damaged iPhone before they replace it. She said after the investigation, Apple may replace the phone. However, if she wants a new phone immediately, they will require a $749 hold on her credit card.

An Apple spokesman confirmed to WFLA they are investigating.