NJ lawmakers fight back against Trump’s executive order on immigration

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NEW JERSEY — New Jersey lawmakers and residents are fighting back against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on immigration.

“His executive order is a betrayal of our values. It is in clear print,” Democratic Senator Cory Booker said.

Senator Booker joined Senator Bob Menendez and the mayors of Jersey City and Newark Monday to speak out against President Trump’s Friday night executive order. It’s aim was to keep refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly muslim nations out of the United States.

Protestors took to the airports and to the streets.

Fatina Hanini, the principal of the Al Ghazaly School in Jersey City has watched it all in shock. “I am a good citizen for the past 40 years!” Hanini said.

She said last week she was attacked for her Muslim faith. It was the first time since she has lived in the United States. She said a man threw chicken and ketchup on her car and yelled slurs. “I said, ‘What! What’s going on!'”

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez said Monday, this nation was founded by people fleeing religious persecution.

“We are going to do everything that we can legislatively to try to defund some of the efforts of the executive orders,” Senator Menendez said.

The lawmakers also vowed to protect the illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. They said they will fight President Trump’s executive order to pull federal funding to sanctuary cities.

A protest against recent events was planned in Jersey City Monday night.

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