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Couple launches t-shirt line catering to ‘under-represented’ Queens borough

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KEW GARDENS, Queens — Pride for your borough is something that isn’t new, just ask Jay Z.

However when it comes to apparel, Queens is lagging far behind. That’s according to Richard Boehmcke and Annie Scott.

They’re the life-long New Yorkers on a mission to give their neighbors the chance to wear their pride on their sleeve.

“I had a lot of people who I knew move to Brooklyn and they would wear cool Brooklyn shirts,” Boehmcke told PIX11 News. “I always felt that we were the underdog… so it was always something that was a chip on my shoulder.”

That chip soon became inspiration and the Kew Gardens couple launched The Local Witt – a t-shirt and lifestyle brand aimed at bringing pride, style and a splash of snark to the borough.

“Instead of having a t-shirt that just said Queens on it which honestly was the only thing we were seeing,” Scott said. “We wanted to give more personality and character to our products and to the borough.”

The t-shirts poke fun not only at hipsters but the ever-ballooning cost of living that have plagued Brooklyn and Manahattan.

The couple says a portion of the proceeds they make from sales will go to New York Cares.

If you want to get more information about The Local Witt and to purchase a t-shirt or three, visit their website.