More than 70 people killed in US commuter train crashes since 2000

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NEW YORK — More than 100 people were injured when a Long Island Rail Road train was knocked off the track in Brooklyn Wednesday.

The crash, described by the governor as a “relatively minor accident,” comes less than four months after a mother was killed and more than 100 people were injured when a speeding train barreled into the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.

The deadly September incident was one of five fatal commuter train crashes to occur in the tri-state, and Pennsylvania, since 2013.

Country-wide, more than 70 people have been killed in commuter train crashes since 2000, including about 20 in the northeast.

Here is a list of the deadliest crashes in the tri-state, and surrounding areas, in the past decade:

  • Hoboken, NJ, September 2016: A mother died and more than 100 people were injured, including a passenger who lost a portion of his finger, when a speeding NJ Transit train barreled into a Hoboken Terminal. The train’s engineer had undiagnosed sleep apnea when he slammed into the station at double the 10 mph speed limit, officials said of the investigation’s findings two months later. Brake issues were also discovered.
  • Chester, Pennsylvania, April 2016: Two Amtrak construction workers were killed when a train traveling from New York to Savannah, Georgia partially derailed after striking heavy equipment on tracks outside Philadelphia. A preliminary investigation found the workers were on the wrong side of the track.
  • Philadelphia, May 2015: Eight people were killed when an Amtrak train derailed. Last May, the National Transportation Safety Board determined the engineer was likely speeding into a turn because he was distracted by radio transmissions. A contributing cause was the lack of a speed control system, federal investigators also said.
  • Valhalla, New York, February 2015: A Metro-North passenger train struck an SUV at a crossing, resulting in six deaths. The cause is under investigation.
  • Bronx, December 2013: A Metro-North passenger train derailed at a left-hand curve, killing four people. The train was speeding because the engineer had fallen asleep “due to undiagnosed severe obstructive sleep apnea exacerbated by a recent circadian rhythm shift required by his work schedule,” NTSB officials said. The engineer filed a $10 million lawsuit against Metro-North last month.
  • Washington, D.C., June 2009: Nine people died when a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority commuter train struck the rear of another train. The NTSB later made a number of safety oversight and equipment inspection recommendations due to system failures causing the incident.

Below is a list of other more recent, local crashes:

  • New Hyde Park, October 2016: Thirty-three people were injured, four seriously, when 12 LIRR cars derailed when a commuter train and work train performing track maintenance side-swiped each other, causing derailment. About 600 people were on the commuter train at the time.
  • Hunts Point, Bronx, October 2016: Two derailments occurred in one day, neither resulting in injuries. The first was considered minor and officials offered no details at the time. In the second, eight freight train cars derailed for unknown reasons.
  • Jersey City, April 2016: No one was injured when a freight train’s cars derailed for unknown reasons.
  • Chautauqua County, NY, March 2016: A train carrying hazardous liquids derailed, causing a chemical leak that prompted area evacuations. No injuries were reported the day of the incident.
  •  Hicksillville, NY, September 2015: A New York and Atlantic Railway freight train derailed west of Hicksville.
  • Brooklyn, NY, September 2015: The G train derailed near Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in downtown Brooklyn when two wheels from the first car came off the tracks after the train struck part of a tunnel wall that had become dislodged. Two injured riders later filed suit.

CNN contributed to this report. 

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