Temperatures hit 60 degrees in tri-state Tuesday

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NEW YORK – New Yorkers woke up Tuesday to incredibly warm temperatures – 20 degrees warmer, to be exact, than usual for this time of year.

Expect rain in the morning with sunshine later in the day, and highs in the upper 50s in the five boroughs and on Long Island, lower 50s in the Hudson Valley, and near 60 degrees in some areas of New Jersey.

Those temperatures will come within striking distance of a record high, though records are not expected to be broken.

The hottest Dec. 27 in NYC on record was in 1949 when the temperature in Central Park hit 63 degrees, according to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in New York.

But the warmth won’t last. We’ll return to seasonably cooler temperatures in the low to mid 40s later this week, with snow and rain possible on Thursday.

The New Year's Eve forecast shows mostly sunny skies on Saturday with a high near 38 degrees in Manhattan. There's a chance of rain and snow after midnight and into Sunday, though the latter portion of the weekend will be slightly warmer with highs in the mid 40s.