Gifts for the person who has everything

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We all have those on our list – people who have everything! What do we buy for them? It’s always a challenge. So today we have eBay Shopping Contributor Anna De Souza to take us through some questions you can ask today – right after this segment – for that tough to shop for friend or family member and some gift ideas to inspire your shopping.

Anna says “forget the traditional gift guides, for the mom, for the brother in law – mom probably doesn’t want a vacuum and your brother-in-law has plenty of cufflinks. The secret to finding the perfect gift is asking the right questions, 75 percent of millennials claims the lack of personal conversations is why they can’t find the perfect gift, this got eBay thinking and is the reason they launched #GiftGoals. Head to their Twitter page using that hashtag to get clever questions and conversation starters, but here are a few you can start with.”

1. 24 hours, no electronics. You _____?
2. What’s the first thing your personal robot will do?
3. What do like to listen to while working?
4. Your guilty food pleasure is _____?
5. You wish your place wasn’t ______?

QUESTION TO ASK: In the future there will be… “Fitbits for your baby!”
Mimo Baby Monitor, $120
Mimo uses sensor technology to tell you how your baby is breathing, their body position, sleeping temperature, activity level, and whether or not they’re actually asleep! It sends alerts and nightly reports on your little one’s sleep. You can learn over time how junior sleeps best so everyone in the family can get more quality sleep, kind of like a Fitbit for your baby.

QUESTION TO ASK: If your pet could speak, what would they say? “I miss you when you’re at work!”
Petcube Pet Camera, $160
DESCRIPTION: Let’s you talk to your pet and play a laser game you control with your finger on the app when you’re not home!

QUESTION TO ASK: Favorite game as a kid? “Legos!”
3D Doodler Create, $100
DESCRIPTION: This is Legos 2.0! This 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly to create almost anything your imagination can think up; planters, keychains, picture frames, figurines, ornaments, planes and so much more.

QUESTION TO ASK: What’s your next project? “I am going to create my own comic book!”
Wacom Bamboo Spark Tablet, $70
DESCRIPTION: Draw and take notes on a piece of paper with a smart ballpoint pen and transfer it to the cloud on your tablet or computer in seconds!

QUESTION TO ASK: What travel gear of yours would you upgrade? “My luggage!”
Raden Smart Luggage, $275
DESCRIPTION: Luggage features GPS (so you never lose your luggage again!), a scale (so you don’t get hit with additional luggage fees), a phone charger and remote lock.

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