Courier company to provide medical benefits to delivery workers

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NEW YORK — Homer Logistics is one of the largest employers of couriers in New York City. The company announced this week they would provide medical benefits for their food deliverers.

Chris Wogas, the company’s Vice President of Field Operations told PIX11 in an interview, “We’re growing pretty fast and we've realized health insurance is an important thing to add for a lot of reasons.”

“We looked at it and said it’s the right thing to do for our employee base. And from the other side, it does add a connection to the company which is something we like,” Wogas said.

The Homer Logistics announcement was welcome news for Kurt Boone, a courier for over 20 years. He’s organized fellow deliverers to push their employers for health insurance.

Boone does not work for Homer Logistics. While he was happy for those who will gain medical insurance, Boone still goes to work each day feeling uneasy.

“I get up every morning and I try not to think ok am I going to get hit by a car today am I going to fall today,” he said.