ACS investigated after failing to make contact with family of toddler allegedly abused by mom’s boyfriend

Posted: 6:30 PM, Nov 30, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-30 18:37:34-05

BUSHWICK, Brooklyn -- The Administration for Children's Services is being investigated after Child Protective specialists failed to make contact with the family of 3-year old Jayden Jordon, who is now fighting for his life in a Manhattan hospital.

Jaden Jordon

Jaden Jordon

According to a statement, ACS officials received an anonymous tip regarding child abuse at Jaden's Brooklyn home on Saturday, Nov. 26. When they arrived, they quickly realized it was the wrong address.

According to ACS, they returned again on Sunday and spoke to several tenants of the address given, only to realize they still had the wrong address.

“We received an anonymous report on this case on Saturday, November 26th. Within two hours, we responded to the address provided in the report. After two days of diligently and aggressively investigating the complaint, it became clear to our Child Protective Specialists that the caller reported an inaccurate address. We then promptly responded to the location in question and began what is now a highly active investigation.”

On Wednesday, the child's mother's boyfriend, 24-year old Salvatore Lucchesse was charged with four counts of assault after police poked holes in his story about what happened to Jaden.

Lucchesse, who was caring for the child Monday, claims he was giving Jaden a bath when he says the toddler soiled himself. Police say he told them that Jaden then fell in the shower and hit his head, knocking himself unconscious.

Jaden was rushed to the hospital where police say he showed clear signs of abuse with injuries to his head, kidney, liver and spleen. Jaden has been in a coma since Monday, fighting for his life.

Neighbors claim that the boy and his mother moved in just six weeks ago. They say they often saw Jaden walking with his mother and grandmother, but rarely saw Lucchesse. They also claim to have heard many fights coming from their house.

"I heard a man and a woman screaming," said one neighbor, who says he does not know if it ever got physical.

Lucchesse is awaiting arraignment at Brooklyn Criminal Court.