Wildlife cameras catch people dressed in animal costumes in Kansas park

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Surveillance cameras installed at a Kansas park to help keep mountain lions at bay definitely caught some images of wild animals.

Just not the kind officials were expecting.

Gardner police said they were getting calls with concerns about a mountain lion being spotted in the area of Celebration Park.

So in order to see if there was indeed a wild animal in the area, they set up two trail cameras.

After three days, police decided to check the cameras. While sifting through images of actual skunks and coyotes, they also found photos of people wearing various costumes.

Someone dressed as a gorilla, an old person with a walker, and even Santa made an appearance, holding what looks like a beer.

Gardner police posted the photos to Facebook saying while the photos made their day, they're also trying to identify the wildlife they caught in the pictures.

For the record — they never did spot a mountain lion.

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