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More than 2 dozen arrested in Lower Manhattan while protesting minimum wages

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LOWER MANHATTAN — More than two dozen minimum wage protestors were arrested for disorderly conduct in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday morning.

The group was part of the Fight for 15 movement, which pushes for the minimum wage to be $15 an hour across the country.

Hundreds gathered in Zucotti Park early Tuesday to march to a Lower Manhattan McDonalds. According to union organizers, protestors, in an act of civil disobedience, sat down in the middle of Broadway.

Union members, fast food workers, airport workers, Uber and cab drivers and elected officials joined the rally.

Hundreds of protestors continued to rally Tuesday at Newark Liberty International Airport to support airport workers who want a raise. They marched peacefully, clad in yellow ponchos to protect themselves from the rain, from Terminal B to Terminal C.

New York City workers will see $15 dollars an hour as minimum wage over the next few years. Workers in large companies in New York City will earn that by the end of 2018. It will take longer for smaller companies and other areas of the state.

Uber drivers are pushing for a raise as well. Uber has said in the past that its drivers make about $19 an hour in major cities. But at Tuesday's rally, drivers said after gas and insurance, they don't make a living wage.

The protestors said this rally was in solidarity with workers in New Jersey and across the country who are still fighting. Demonstrations advocating for the increased minimum wage also took place in other cities around the country.

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