Student caught with stun gun at NYC high school: police

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MANHATTAN — A high school student in Manhattan was caught with a stun gun as he returned to class Monday after the long holiday weekend, authorities said.

The student, identified as a 17-year-old boy, walked through the metal detector at Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus, located near Lincoln Center, and set it off, police said.

Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus at 122 Amsterdam Ave. in Manhattan (PIX11)

Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus at 122 Amsterdam Ave. in Manhattan (PIX11)

A school safety officer searched the student and found a stun gun in his coat pocket. He allegedly told the officer he did not know he was carrying the weapon and did not know how it ended up in his coat, police said.

The teen received a summons and faces a misdemeanor charge of possession of an unauthorized device on school grounds, NYPD said.

It’s not clear if the student was allowed to go to class or was sent home.

A spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Education said the campus has been deemed safe. About 500 students are enrolled at the high school.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of students and staff,” she said in a statement to PIX11 News.

“The NYPD immediately responded to the Martin Luther King Jr. campus in Manhattan and recovered the stun gun. Students and staff are safe, and we are providing the school with ongoing supports.”

In 2002, two students were shot at the high school in what, at the time, the New York Times described as “the latest in a series of chilling incidents that have plagued the school.”

After that shooting, a spokeswoman for schools chancellor told the Times the school would “operate its metal detectors until it closes at night.”

PIX11 News’ Henry Naccari contributed to this report.