Newborn dropped off at LI fire station on Thanksgiving in good health, doctors say

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LONG ISLAND — A baby girl is in good health after her mother called the safe haven hotline and dropped the newborn off at the Wantagh fire station on Thanksgiving.

"She's doing very nicely. The description is she's very cute. Everyone's very happy with her," Nassau University Health System's Dr. Harriet Boxer said at a press conference Friday.

The mother of the newborn had planned to do so well before she gave birth, officials said. She had called Nassau County Safe Haven Crisis line before she gave birth to find out where she could drop her baby off.

"She decided to make probably the most difficult decision of her life, and that was to relinquish her baby to the safe haven program," Scott Cohen, an AMT for Children of Hope Safe Haven Foundation said.

The woman called the Wantagh fire dispatch crisis line and handed over her hours-old baby, weighing just 3 pounds 13 ounces, to firefighters.

"The family, parent of baby hope delivered the baby to the Wantagh fire department headquarters," Dr. Victor Politi, CEO of NUHealth System, said.

The baby still had her umbilical cord still attached.

"The person who brought her to the fire station, and I would say her mother also, they did care about this baby," Boxer said. "She arrived dressed with diaper, she was clean and she wasn't cold. So someone had a lot of common sense and took care of her until the point she got to the fire station."

“The mother made a very smart move to take care of the baby, fed the baby and dropped the baby to us," Dr. Krishnan Kumar said.

The child is the 15th infant the AMT Children of Hope Foundation has received this year.

The foundation was founded by members of the ambulance medical technicians of the county police department. It takes in and provides medical care for relinquished infants.

The baby will be turned over to Nassau County Children's services where the next step is finding a foster family for her.

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