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There is absolutely no need to spend tons of money on beauty products. Time and time again, drugstore products are getting higher reviews than department store items, and many higher end products are made by the same companies that make drugstore products. Beauty expert and PIX11 friend Milly Almodovar tells us about the best products you can get in the drugstore.

Best acne treatment: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, $39.99  According to a recent study, more adult women and men than ever before are getting pimples Acne isn’t just a teen problem. It’s actually the number one problem dermatologists see with women from ages 20 to 29. This mask is awesome because it uses blue light to target acne causing bacteria while red light reduces acne inflammation (and, it looks so funny).

Best eye cream: Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream, $24.99 Fight wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles in an instant with this eye cream. It also contains color correcting technology that can be used as a concealer. 

Best body lotion: Curel Hydra therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer, $10.99  It’s sweater season, so combat dry skin with this lotion from Curel. In the shower, after washing, you apply this on your skin and go. It saves so much time in the morning. It penetrates the skin right away. But this product isn’t just hydrating your skin, it’s repairing it as well. Ceramides are naturally present in healthy skin, so when you lose ceramides, the skin becomes dry and damaged. This contains ceramide complex which helps to hydrate and repair your skin’s moisture barrier.

Best soap: Nubian Heritage Abyssinian & Chia Bar Soap, $4.99  Bar soaps are getting a really bad name. People are talking about how drying they are. This one is the exact opposite.  First of all, it contains Absynnian Oil which is super hydrating for the skin and it also has chia seeds which help to really exfoliate the skin. It’s great for getting rid of that dead skin, and smells unbelievable.

Best lipsticksHard Candy Metallic Mousse, $6.00
Hard Candy Velvet Matte Mousse, $6.00
Don’t let the price of these lipsticks scare you. They come in metallic and matte and they are insane for the price. They’re super pigment rich and give such a strong pop of color. And, you can choose from 14 shades for each.

Best dry shampoo: Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, $3.99:  The average woman is now washing her hair once or twice a week. This dry shampoo does the trick when you need it to. Not only does it remove oils from hair, it has a freshly washed scent and doesn’t leave white residue that can make it seem like you have dandruff.

Best nail polish: Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish, $6.99 This nail polish was released in stores last week and it’s an immediate hit. It contains patented Argan Oil technology, so it’s nourishing your nails while you wear it. Pick from 38 shades that all provide 10 days of true chip- free wear.

Best unisex cosmetic bag: Allegro Contents Large Organizer, $14.99  These bags from Target come in two colors, and both a man and woman can use them. They fit absolutely everything (even all of Milly’s makeup), but look super chic.

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